Category: Update

Some Updates

In the next few days, I will be rolling out some changes to this website. I have been working on several personal projects in the past few months, one of them which is this website and I think it is time for a makeover. The new version will consist of several changes including adopting a...

A new help center for WordPress Plugins

I often enjoy writing documentations, whether it is for WordPress plugins, themes or simply software applications. However, when dealing with similar cases some of the information gets repetitive and it becomes annoying to update the info on all different platforms. I recently created a help center to manage all WordPress related topics for my plugins...

An early new year’s resolution

Early this year I made some efforts to revamp my website and decided to bring it to life. I updated the content with some of my recent projects and kind of left it as is. Initially I was planning to publish something as a “blog post” every week, I even created an Instagram and started...

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