10 years since Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone

It is very hard to believe that ten years has passed since first iPhone was revealed. I remember watching Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone back in 2007 and the excitement among audiences who clapped for every featured he mentioned. We were all used to the traditional phones with keypads and to see a touchscreen phone...

Two topics to avoid in a personal blog

Writing a personal blog can be a challenge, finding topics to relate to and write about them is not an easy task. People often use blogs as a platform to share their opinions, express their concerns over certain issues and to inform other individuals. Although a “Personal” blog is a personal space for the individual...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I cannot believe it is Christmas already, I wish everyone a merry Christmas and hope you all have great holidays.

The untold story of simple meal reminder

To give a quick background, Simple Meal Reminder is an Android App which I published summer of 2015. The purpose of the app as suggested in the name is to remind an individual to eat something regularly. I created the app after I met with my family doctor who recommended creating an alarm clock to...

To make something different

I have always liked writing, whether it was writing essays, reports or personal journals. My experience with writing a blog goes back to almost a decade ago when I started a daily blog and published a short paragraph every single day of the week. And I mean every single day of the week exactly as...

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