Two topics to avoid in a personal blog

Writing a personal blog can be a challenge, finding topics to relate to and write about them is not an easy task. People often use blogs as a platform to share their opinions, express their concerns over certain issues and to inform other individuals. Although a “Personal” blog is a personal space for the individual to write as they wish, I think there are two topics that one should avoid: Politics and Religion.

Writing a blog can have different purposes, but we often write blogs because we want to change or to have an effect on something. In my opinion, it is extremely difficult to change an audience who holds extreme political or religious views – almost impossible.

On numerous occasions, I have visited websites where the author published something about politics or religion followed by vulgar discussions in the comment section. If an audience supports X party, it is very unlikely they become a supporter of the Y party.

People hardly change their views on political and religious subjects, might as well avoid writing about these two topics.

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