To make something different

I have always liked writing, whether it was writing essays, reports or personal journals. My experience with writing a blog goes back to almost a decade ago when I started a daily blog and published a short paragraph every single day of the week. And I mean every single day of the week exactly as it is because I literally wrote something every day for a year – that is what I call dedication.

A year passed, and I decided to move to a new platform. With the help of a good friend who was running a hosting company, I managed to run my first WordPress blog. Back then WordPress was in its early stages, and it did not look as slick as current versions, but it was perfect for my purpose; it provided an environment to publish my writings quickly.

I frequently moved from one blog to another blog, and I managed to work with Joomla, Drupal, and one or two other blogging platforms, but I came back to WordPress. I started developing themes and plugins and got involved in the translation of WordPress to Farsi. Ever since I have been developing for WordPress and it has been an amazing experience. So here we are running another WordPress-based website, but not any internet site, something different.

What is new

The term “NEW” can have different meanings in different situations; perhaps one can define new as something “unseen” or recently discovered. I don’t think when we refer to something as new, we necessary mean an improvement. I have seen cases where a new version of an app, made it almost impossible to use it.

When releasing a new version for this website, I tried to organize everything into three different sections. The three sections: Blog, Projects, and Writing are all managed in the primary domain. There is no longer a blog subdomain (which used to be on Tumblr) and all applications including Android Apps, WordPress Plugins, and WordPress Themes are published under Project umbrella.


My writing for university courses are published under the “Writing” section; believe it or not, I took many writing courses at Western and I thought it would be great to dig up all those essays and organize them into one place.

WordPress Plugins

There are currently three free WordPress plugins with more than 42K downloads combined. These plugins are all open source and are available on WordPress Plugin Directory. The source codes for these plugins are in my Github under their individual repositories. There are also some premium plugins which are exclusively available on CodeCanyon.

Android Apps

I also have a few free Android Apps available through Google Play Store. There is a Github repository for those on my Github profile, but that is mainly used for issue tracking and does not contain any source code.

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