Month: December 2016

The untold story of simple meal reminder

To give a quick background, Simple Meal Reminder is an Android App which I published summer of 2015. The purpose of the app as suggested in the name is to remind an individual to eat something regularly. I created the app after I met with my family doctor who recommended creating an alarm clock to...

To make something different

I have always liked writing, whether it was writing essays, reports or personal journals. My experience with writing a blog goes back to almost a decade ago when I started a daily blog and published a short paragraph every single day of the week. And I mean every single day of the week exactly as...

An early new year’s resolution

Early this year I made some efforts to revamp my website and decided to bring it to life. I updated the content with some of my recent projects and kind of left it as is. Initially I was planning to publish something as a “blog post” every week, I even created an Instagram and started...

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